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Tax Planning

Have a Strategic Planning
Personal Tax Return
Session with one our CPAs
to create a tax plan for
2014 and years to come!
Hourly Rates for planning range from
$150 – $300 per hour. Learn More…

Tax Return Preparation

Work with a Personal Tax
Consultant (“PTC”) assigned to you
for your complete tax return process.
Personal Tax Returns start at just
$400, and Business Returns at $800.
Learn More…

Accounting and Payroll Services

Get the support you need with
One of K&E’s Accounting Professionals
We can build or maintain your QuickBooks©
to save you significant time and money!
Even our Payroll team can serve clients
in any state and provide coordinated
Support Get a Quote today…


Kohler & Eyre CPAs, LLP (“K&E CPAs”) is celebrating its 10 year Anniversary this year (2014) serving clients Nationwide! We have built a unique team of Personal Tax Consultants and Accounting Professionals whose primary objectives are to not only save our clients taxes, but provide support in their accounting needs to save them time and produce better information for decision making.  We pride ourselves in communication, thinking outside the box and implement a proprietary checklist of tax strategies with all of our clients.

Our Latest Blog Posts

  • Piercing The Corporate Veil – What You NEED to Know that could save Your Personal Assets
    One of the primary advantages of incorporating your business is that the business owners are not held personally liable for the debts or liabilities of the entity.  Now this ENTIRE TOPIC encompasses all entities, such as the C-Corporation, S-Corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Limited Partnership (LP), Professional Corporation (PC), etc…  All of these entities provide for the asset protection of a “Corporate Veil”. The purpose of this Corporate Veil is to protect the investors, owners and officers from losing their ‘personal’ assets if something goes wrong in the business.  However, there are limits to this protection. In fact, under some circumstances, you may have heard of a creditor piercing the “corporate veil” and reaching the assets of the business owner. While the law may differ slightly from state to state, the five (5) most common ways in which a business owner can lose the protection of the corporate veil… ... Read more
  • 6 Common Business Scams to Avoid
    We’re all looking for ways to create wealth and save costs and save taxes. But when a prospective tax scheme or business strategy sounds too good to be true, it usually is. That’s especially true in these trying economic times, when the wolves come out in sheep’s clothing. There are more crooks out there, and they’re looking for an edge. It’s a recipe for disaster. Here are some of the most common scams you should watch out for: 1. The corporate credit “shelf corporation.” I have had numerous clients come through my office wondering what they might do with a “shelf corporation” they paid $5,000 to $15,000 for. They were sold on flashy terms like Dunn and Bradstreet numbers, Paydex scores and unsecured credit, and how they would somehow win larger loans by using the shelf corporation name. The truth is there is no short-cut process. Building corporate credit takes time. 2.… ... Read more
  • 10 Steps to Purchasing Your First Rental Property
    As many of you know, I recommend to ALL of our clients to purchase at least one rental property a year for tax planning and wealth building benefits. It doesn’t have to be big, but at least something. I have created these “10 Steps to Purchasing Your First Rental” as a guide for many of my clients that are new investors. I hope this may even help some of you that are seasoned investors. HERE is my AMAZING, yet SIMPLE list: Make a Goal. Set a deadline to purchase your first rental. Stay committed. Let friends and family know your goal. Write it down and set short deadlines to be looking at property and making decisions, rather than just ‘buy rental by X date’. Set more manageable goals to get you to closing. Start Shopping. Just get out and start looking at rentals. Engage two or more realtors or investors in the markets… ... Read more
  • Is the Single Member LLC a Solution for Me?
    There’s a lot of talk on the internet in the entrepreneurial and real estate investing blogosphere regarding the Single-Member LLC.  Some people seem to think they are completely worthless, while others prescribe them like aspirin for headache.  However, as is almost always the case, neither extreme is correct.  Single-Member LLC’s have their place in the spectrum of business entity choices, and whether such an entity is right for you will depend on the details of your own personal situation. As the name implies, a Single-Member LLC is simply a limited liability company with one owner (member), instead of multiple owners. Single-Member LLC Pros Asset Protection: as is the case with any LLC, the Single-Member LLC will act as a shield to protect your personal assets from the liabilities associated with the business conducted by the LLC.  EXAMPLE:  if your LLC owns a rental property, and someone slips and falls on that… ... Read more


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