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Tax Planning

Have a Strategic Planning
Personal Tax Return
Session with one our CPAs
to create a tax plan for
2014 and years to come!
Hourly Rates for planning range from
$150 – $300 per hour. Learn More…

Tax Return Preparation

Work with a Personal Tax
Consultant (“PTC”) assigned to you
for your complete tax return process.
Personal Tax Returns start at just
$400, and Business Returns at $800.
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Accounting and Payroll Services

Get the support you need with
One of K&E’s Accounting Professionals
We can build or maintain your QuickBooks©
to save you significant time and money!
Even our Payroll team can serve clients
in any state and provide coordinated
Support Get a Quote today…


Kohler & Eyre CPAs, LLP (“K&E CPAs”)  just  celebrated its 10th Anniversary last year of serving clients Nationwide! We have built a unique team of Personal Tax Consultants and Accounting Professionals whose primary objectives are to not only save our clients taxes, but provide support in their accounting needs to save them time and produce better information for decision making.  We pride ourselves in communication, thinking outside the box and implement a proprietary checklist of tax strategies with all of our clients.

Our Latest Blog Posts

  • Why Purchase a Rental Property Before the end of the Year?
    This may seem bold to hear from your CPA.  I’m not a realtor selling you real estate, but as a tax lawyer, I am actually trying to help you save taxes and build wealth at the same time. I also realize that there may not be enough time to research, complete your due diligence and purchase a rental by the end of the year.  However, I would at least like to encourage you to consider it and get the process started.  Maybe you already have a deal in the works. As I mentioned above, a good rental property strategy will not only to build an incredible long-term and sometimes immediate tax strategy, it will inevitably build wealth for future retirement and should provide current cash flow benefits if you choose wisely. Here is a diagram of the 4 benefits to Rental Property I want to discuss briefly with you and… ... Read more
  • Issues to Consider when Creating a Partnership
    Partners can be the best thing that ever happened to your business, or the worst if entered into improperly.  Thus, don’t be afraid of a ‘partnership’, but just be committed to documenting it properly and considering all of the issues. The Partnership Agreement and setting up the proper entity/structure for the partnership is the single most important step in the partnership process, maybe even more important than analyzing the merits of the project within the partnership itself. You could have the most potentially successful money-making idea in the world, but if the foundation for the partnership is faulty, the business will ultimately fail. Here is a checklist of considerations when entering into a partnership that should be helpful: Contributions of Capital. What in time, money and assets is each partner contributing to the partnership? This includes the initial contributions as well as additional contributions that may be necessary to continue… ... Read more
  • Why Entrepreneurs need to keep their Day Jobs- At least for a while.
    I know this may sound a little odd coming from a man that has been advocating small business since age 8. I was out there on the street trying to talk my little brother into helping me with my lemonade stand and various other hair brain schemes even through high school. However, one thing I’ve learned all these years in business myself, and also consulting thousands of clients, is that although there can be amazing rewards and benefits of entrepreneurship, it is still is an ‘up and down’ financially volatile roller coaster ride…especially in the beginning. Thus, whenever I have a new client call me on the phone with unbridled exuberance tell me they are marching into their boss’s office tomorrow to quit their job and quote the song made famous by Johnny Paycheck telling their boss to ‘shove it’…I tell my client to slow down and hold on for… ... Read more
  • The Power of the Charitable Remainder Trust and Saving Taxes!!
    There is a very powerful estate planning tool that may enable you to reduce your liability for income and estate taxes, protect your assets AND diversify your assets in a tax-advantaged manner. It’s called a charitable remainder trust (CRT). Here’s how it works. A CRT is an irrevocable trust that makes annual or more frequent payments to you, typically until you die. What remains in the trust then passes to a qualified charity of your choice. I discuss this strategy in detail in Chapter 14 of my new book “The Tax and Legal Playbook” and work with clients on a regular basis implementing this powerful tax tool. In fact, students in my presentations tend to be blown away with how amazing the CRT can be. When does a CRT make sense?  Answer: When you have a highly appreciated asset like real estate or a business and are facing a… ... Read more


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