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or simply tax return preparation and bookkeeping support, we are
dedicated to framing the future of your personal and business affairs
– building you lasting wealth.
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Kohler & Eyre CPAs, LLP (“K&E CPAs”) has been serving clients Nationwide for over 11 years! We have built a unique team of Personal Tax Consultants and Accounting Professionals whose primary objectives are to not only save our clients taxes, but provide support in their accounting needs to save them time and produce better information for decision making. We pride ourselves in communication, thinking outside the box and implement a proprietary checklist of tax strategies with all of our clients.




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The Entrepreneur’s Accounting Firm

Kohler & Eyre Services

Tax Planning

Have a Strategic Planning
Personal Tax Return
Session with one our CPAs
to create a tax plan for
2018 and years to come!
Hourly Rates for planning range from
$160 – $300 per hour. Learn More…

Tax Return Preparation

Work with a Personal Tax
Consultant (“PTC”) assigned to you
for your complete tax return process.
Personal Tax Returns start at just
$500, and Business Returns at $900.
Learn More…

Accounting and Payroll Services

Get the support you need with
One of K&E’s Accounting Professionals
We can build or maintain your QuickBooks©
to save you significant time and money!
Even our Payroll team can serve clients
in any state and provide coordinated
Support Get a Quote today…

Our Latest Blog Posts

  • Why Starting a Small Business is the First Step in Building Wealth
    I realize this may sound cliché or even crazy, but the FIRST Step I have learned over my 18 years as an Attorney and CPA, is that if someone REALLY wants to build wealth and save taxes, they need to Start a Small Home Based Business. Please hear me out for those of you that work a ‘regular job’ and DON’T want a small business. Now, I’m not asking you to quit your ‘day job’, I’m just asking you to at least have a small business ‘on the side’. Read this article on ‘Why Quitting Your Day Job May Not Be a Good Idea”. HOWEVER, there are so many good reasons to have a small project brewing on the back burner, and very few reasons not to.  Some say it is too ‘risky’ in today’s economy to start a business.  I say it is too risky NOT to start a ... Read more
  • The Auto, SUV & Truck Deduction: Mileage or Actual?
    First and foremost, remember the auto deduction isn’t travel, but expenses for your car, truck or SUV. Also, remember this includes ALL your vehicles as long as they have some sort of business use, i.e. an RV, van, delivery truck or motorcycle used in your business (more articles to come)! Next, the law changed Big Time with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) and from 2018 through 2023 the auto/truck/suv deduction is Amazing!! Things got a lot better for business owners with cars/autos…if not AT LEAST you have a lot more options. You can actually write-off a vehicle at lot faster and with bigger deductions! However, the big question that is always in my conversation with clients, which strategy is best: Mileage or Actual expenses. It’s not an easy question and lots of variables. Below I list 7 general rules that will help guide you through the decision process. But ... Read more



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